Keith Berry, MAKK Homes LLC

First of all, I’d like to thank you and your team for an outstanding job performed on 105 Harbor Dr. Your work was done neatly, thoroughly, and most important of all, successfully. The schedule was followed perfectly and I appreciate you teaming with Jessica with F&ME Consultants to make her job easier. You will certainly be called upon or recommended for any future mold remediation jobs that come my way. Thanks again for a job well done!

Larry Poppell

…This is a small price to pay for property owners to protect their investments. In fact, I see unlimited uses for your product. Once again, thanks for your help…

S. Troy Coates

…Until we found Absolute Disaster Services of Lexington, SC and Chem-Tech Laboratories of Concord, NC and used their product, Bac-Shield, nothing provided a long term solution…

Grady Yonce

…After the house was treated not only was the mold/mildew problem solved but so was my congested head. For approximately two years I would awaken with congested sinuses, after a couple of hours and getting out of the house it would clear up. After just one week of treatment my congestion problem was totally cured. Thank you…

David Chase

You conducted yourselves in a professional manner and accomplished the task on time…I was particularly impressed during the pre-screening phase when you came back at your expense when Stachybotrys was discovered. Not only did you provide more demolition at your expense to get at the problem but it restores my faith in contractors who “go the extra mile” to make sure the job goes right, even if it costs a little extra money.

Richard A. Shealy

… When your staff arrived to perform the remediation, they were very professional and efficient. Not only did the process limit our use to the home for only a few hours, the difference in our home was remarkable. The wood areas where the mold had been visible looked cleaner than when the home was first built. Also the allergy problems all of the members of the family had been experiencing disappeared almost immediately. In a nutshell, Absolute Disaster Services has improved our home to a condition that is better than before the mold first appeared with virtually no intrusion and provided us protection for the future. Thanks for providing an alternative to traditional remediation protocols….

ServiceMagic Referral 1

Very friendly and fast. Also had the best rates of all those I received quotes from.

ServiceMagic Referral 2

Absolute Disaster Services treated the crawl space of our home and provided a 10 year guarantee for the work. They were organized and carried out the work with little inconvenience to us.

ServiceMagic Referral 3

Very Professional, even arrived early. Provided a very reasonable and cost effective solution!

ServiceMagic Referral 4

They were very professional and extremely helpful. The worked with me on the cost, offered valuable advice on how to proceed with the project beyond the mold clean-up, were courteous, patient, and friendly. If I complete this project, I would select Mold Solutions to do the work. Thank you.